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Halong Male - Virgin Cave

  •   29/03/2017
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Both the Ha Long Male and the Virgin Cave are situated within the Bo Hon system with also comprises of Sung Sot Cave, Dong Tien Lake, and the Luon Cave, all of which are part of Ha Long Bay, the province of Quang Ninh, Vietnam

The Ha Long Male and the Virgin Cave are both charming and offer quite some romantic view which makes them amazingly attractive. Both of these two caves are about 15 kilometers away from the beach of Bai Chay and can be accessed by getting on boats to their islands and then continue on foot.

Upon entering the caves through the main entrance, visitors would immediately be greeted by a stone statue in each of the caves, within the Virgin Cave, you would find an icon which resemblance of women with long hair, looking out towards Ha Long Male. And for Ha Long Male is a figure of a man, staring right back at the Virgin Cave. Specifically, these two characters are looking at each other. And this is not a coincidence, as there is a tale, a legend tied with two statues, it is about the love between a beautiful young girl and a young fisherman, who is the daughter of a poor fisherman family who was in service of the wealthy administrator of the fishing zone.

Unfortunately for the young pair, the administrator was very much interested in the girl and was very infuriated with her refusal and cast her to an abandoned island, in which she remained there until her death due to starvation and exhaustion. Meanwhile, a raging storm appeared in the region and her lover tried to save her but also got stranded as well, on an island opposite of his partner’s, he sought to hammer down on the cliffs to signal her that he was there. But in the end, he also died due to exhaustion and both of their remains turned into stone.

Thanks to the legend of the two lovers, many tourists, and young couples often visit them to enjoy the romantic scenery and atmosphere and even, make some lover’s vows.

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Source: Halong Bay Tours Organization


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