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Surprise Cave

  •   01/04/2017
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Surprise Cave is lacated on Bo Hon Island in the center of Halong Bay. The French named it "Grotte des Surprise" ( Cave of Wonders). This is a large cave and one of the most beautiful caves of Halong Bay.

Surprise Cave is part of a complex of cave and beaches ( including Ti Top Beach, Bo Nau Cave, Maze Cave, Luon Cave and Surprise Cave). Surprise Cave is a tubular cave situated at 25 meters above sea level. The area is about 10,000 m2, the length is over 200 meters and the maximum width is 80 meters. The greatest distance from the cave ground to the ceiling is approximately 20 meters.

Surprise Cave was discoverd quite early (in the late 19th century). Not until 1946 was its name announced in the mass media after people made a number of expeditions to it. In 1999, the Halong Bay Management Board invested in upgrading Surprise Cave. Roads were built and electric lamps were installed so that visitors could see and feel the beauty of stalagmites inside the cave.

A steep road with transplanted stone steps in snaking under the forest canopy to Surprise Cave, divided into two main compartments. One of them is like "a vast great theater", the ceiling of which is like a realm of fantastic stalactites and natural stone status of elephants, seals, raspberries and flowers. The compartments are linked by a narrow passage. In the other compartment is a different scene. It is so large that it could house thousands of people.

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