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Halong tours by seaplane

Halong bay tours by seaplanes

What will you do for your vacation in Halong Bay?  A Halong Bay Tour by seapalnes is surely one of your very best choices. The natural beauty of Halong Bay is absolute and none can deny such hard fact. On the UNESCO Natural Heritage Site status, the magnificent Bay is highly remarkable with its out-of-this-world reputation. So, when will you come here for real? This summer 2015 is best time to move. And if you agree with us on this idea, let us draw your mind to the Handpicked Cruises 2016 for halong bay tours by seaplanes! This excellent promotion is what everybody needs to explore the heavenly Bay in economical and exciting manner.

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Halong Bay Seaplane Tour 1 day

Halong Bay Seaplane Tour 1 day

  •   22/08/2015
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You are short of time and looking for one-day tour to Halong Bay in comfortable way. The full-day seat-in-coach tour to Halong Bay by seaplane...

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