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Halong Bay 2 Day Cruise & Free Street Food Tour

Halong Bay Promotion Tour

Halong Bay Promotion Tour

If you arrive in Hanoi on the day ( Arrival time f-rom 6.AM to 5.PM ) this tour is one of the best tour for you to enjoy.Taking Halong Bay 2 day cruise tour you could get an chance to experience Hanoi street food walking tour with us.

Free: Transfer aiport with pick up and d-rop off

Free: Street Food Tour

Free Visa To Vietnam

What to Expect

Halong Bay Cruise:

  • We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at set times. You'll start your morning with a Western style breakfast of eggs, bread, fruit, tea and coffee. For lunch and dinner we offer a variety of Vietnamese dishes that include fried spring rolls (nem), a variety of stir fries (chicken, beef, seafood and/or vegetables) and rice and/or French fries, with fruit for dessert. Seasonal specialties are served upon availability.
  • We have a well-stocked bar f-rom which you can order your drinks for an additional fee.
  • Experience Halong Bay 2 Day with Overnight on Cruises, Having chances to visit the most beautiful caves in Bay, Joning Kayking to discover smaller caves

Hanoi Street Food Walking - Culture Tour:

  • Experience Hanoi’s street food beyond the hot dog carts and pretzel stands. Join Hanoi Street Food for a 3-hour walking lunch ( Dinner) tour of either the Shopping District - Hanoi Old Quarter
  • Observe the genius lifestyle of Local People - Understand Hanoi Culture and history well
  • There is a rotating menu f-rom day-to-day to represent the variety of delicious options, but tastings might include - but are subject to change - Pho -Rice noodle with beef or chicken -Rice noodles with barbecue pork - rice noodles with snails -steamed rice pancakes rolled with pork and mushroom - pillow-shaped dumplings made of pork, mushroom and vermicelli.- Hanoi Bread - Spring Roll - Sizzling pancake

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